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May 04, 2016

Eos light grey – one shade of grey, many shades of beauty

Create an exquisite design, add heaps of passion and a dash of sophistication. This is how lamps are made. And dreams too!

The new VITA Eos light grey was born from our desire to add a trendy and edgy splash of color to this iconic design. Just like the VITA EOS light brown, it draws its force and beauty from the earth tones of the Nordic landscape. A discreet color palette that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere – this is the quintessence of the VITA EOS family!

With a neutral and harmonious color, the VITA Eos light grey lampshade will perfectly suit any minimalist interior design, adding a sophisticated and elegant touch. Either in a modern living room or in a classic bedroom, this lampshade will bring a trendy yet timeless look and a soothing vibe to your space.  

January 18, 2016

Let’s take a walk through the peaceful forests…

Breathe in the fresh crisp air. Listen to the sound of the wind playing with the leaves. Admire the small, delicate acorns lying at the roots of the majestic oaks. This is a memory you want to keep! It’s simple and picturesque – just like our brand new VITA Acorn, a lamp that will make sure to keep that magical memory close to your heart and in your home.

Resembling the delicate nut, and with a classy and exclusive look, the Acorn embodies the interior design trends for 2016, by combining a trendy glass look, raw metallic accents and a soft silicone finish, in a perfect harmony. Adding a unique character to the lamp design, the small VITA Idea exposed filament bulb was designed to put the Acorn lampshade in the best light, by offering a warm yet alluring bright light.

Where to find its perfect spot in your home? We think that our chic VITA Acorn would fit perfectly in a small, stylish room, but also in beautiful clusters in bigger spaces. Just let your imagination wander!

 And because all our lamps have a fascinating story behind them, we’ll let Jacob Rudbeck, VITA Acorn’s external designer, to tell it.

“The story behind Acorn is that I wanted to design a small and simple lamp. I was working with different elements but wasn't happy with the shape at the time. I have always been inspired by nature and suddenly I realised that the elements I was designing to create beautiful lighting matched the shape and construction of an acorn. The Acorn lamp is not meant as a replica of a real acorn – what I really like is that you must use your imagination to 'discover' the likeness (unless you know it). I think it brings some excitement to the design, explained Jacob.

Curious how it will look in your home? Just try our VITA Unfold at Home App and see this beautiful lamp in the interior of your home. The app is available for download, free of charge, and ready to be enjoyed!

January 06, 2016

Heads up! We are stepping up with brand new designs!

We are stepping up the product releases this year – starting with two brand new family members that embody the interior design trends for 2016. Meet the VITA Ripples and VITA Acorn families.

Covered by an innovative silicone layer, the new VITA Ripples family delivers the beautiful appearance of porcelain, the soft and fascinatingly smooth finish of seashells and it tops it off with unseen sturdiness.

Alluring glass reflections, raw metallic accents and contrasting smooth silicone – all of them are interlacing in perfect harmony in our new and dashing VITA Acorn family.

The new beautiful array of VITA Idea light bulbs is ready to perfectly compliment any of our lampshades. The trendy exposed filament bulbs will add unique character to the lamp design.

Discover all the new additions to the VITA collection here!

January 06, 2016

Clava Dine – bring the cozy feeling to the dinner table!

What makes a house a home? For some, it is that peaceful, blissful silence they get after a hectic day, for others it is that warm, cozy place where they feel safe and where they connect with the people they love. It is the luring smell of freshly baked bread, the big collection of books or vintage records laying on the floor, the adorable pet sneaking onto the couch, or the traditions they have with the beloved ones.

Home is wherever your happiness is; home is wherever you gather friends and family around the dining table to share smiles and joy, to collect beautiful stories and create memorable experiences. The Clava Dine is more than a lampshade – it is a lampshade with a purpose: to bring that cozy feeling to the dinner table.

Built on the success gained by VITA Clava, a small and chic lampshade with retro hints, perfect for beautiful clusters, Clave Dine is its bigger sister that shares the same exquisite design. With a graceful silhouette, and a raw metallic finish, Clava Dine makes a stylish and stunning statement, while having a discreet exclusive look. The small symmetric holes around the lampshade gently diffuse an ambient light, while also creating a directional downward light to any modern space. The lamp comes in matte white, brushed brass, brushed copper and polished steel, to match any place in your home, be it above the cosy coffee table or the big dining table.

Curious to know how it will fit your home? Just try our VITA Unfold at Home App, an augmented reality app that allows you to see how the VITA lampshades look in your home before buying them. You will be able to select different sizes, colours or designs. The app is available for download for free, and Clava Dine found its place on the app’s “shelf”, together with the other VITA “gems”. 

And when you decide to welcome a Clava Dine in your home, don’t forget its “magic power” – to gather the special people in your life around the dining table and to help you “knit” beautiful memories and big dreams. Love it as much as we do!

January 05, 2016

We’ve changed our…



At VITA, we are all about design. About warm functionality and natural aesthetics. About clean lines, subtle beauty and elegant craftsmanship. We are and have always been about Danish design in a new light. VITA has been growing and changing a lot over the past seven years – from beautifully sculptured lamps, to creating a feeling of belonging, a more immersive experience, rethinking the way you live with light. Keeping the same passionate core, we are moving even closer to our urban roots by introducing our new company name – VITA copenhagen.

Our new identity reflects more closely the essence of our designs and our distinctive and inclusive way of being proud of our heritage. We are deeply rooted in the urban landscape not only through our headquarters’ location in the heart of Copenhagen, the capital of Scandinavian design, but also through the simplicity and beauty of our products, drawing their inspiration from the spectacular nature surrounding this city. Adding “copenhagen” to our name feels like a natural change, one that we are very excited to share.

We have changed our name a bit. But not a single bit of our all-time passion – the commitment to delight you with even more exquisite designs, to break new ground and pave new ways in lighting design, and to remain true to our deep care for the environment.

Gradually, throughout our website and social media channels, you will notice that we will be changing the information about our new name, and you will discover a fresh new look too. Stay with us, we will have plenty of good news for you in the coming months!

With love,

October 01, 2015

Silvia Gold – the 5 year anniversary of the iconic VITA Silvia, in a limited edition

Our very first limited edition!

In a stunning golden finish, Silvia Gold celebrates the 5 year anniversary of one of our most successful families – the VITA Silvia family. The stylish Silvia lamp is already a classic. Inspired by nature and with its characteristic triangular, organic shaped blades, Silvia was designed in 2010, and soon it became not only a best seller but also an iconic Danish design.

To celebrate its success and anniversary, we launched our very first limited edition – the VITA Silvia Gold. This eye-catching lampshade delivers a warm and glare-free light. Because the light bulb isn’t visible from any angle, it is perfect for any height and any place in a home, either as a pendant, a floor or a table lamp. The elegant and exquisite colour of Silvia Gold makes it the “pièce de résistance” of any interior décor, and a “must-have” for the Christmas season.

In the U.S., the VITA Silvia Gold is available for purchase here starting June, and it consists of 200 lamps.

Do you want to know how it will look in your home? Try VITA Unfold at Home App, an augmented reality app that allows you to place and visualize how VITA lampshades, including Silvia Gold, appear in any physical space. The app is available for download in the App Store, for iPhones and iPads, and it is offered free of charge.

September 04, 2015

Showing the true colours of a white VITA lampshade

At VITA, we believe that every home deserves the best lighting design. For us, a lampshade is more than a nice fixture that provides light whenever it is dark. For us, a lampshade is an accessory that compliments a home, tells a story about it, and adds a bit of charm. It gives it character and personality.

We think that home is wherever our VITA lamps shine, and that is why we want all our beautiful lampshades to belong to a space and to give it an identity; to be part of the family and to fit in. We want our lamps to be the perfect match for any home.

We have been asked several times why most of our lamps are white, and if we could add some colourful touches to some of them. We love our white lampshades as much as we love the ones with different colour finishes, and that is why we have a diverse array of colours, sizes and shapes. But since there are millions of colours in this world and since each interior décor is unique, how would you choose the perfect colour for your home?

It’s a good question with an even better answer – you first make sure that you have your favourite white VITA lampshade in your home. Would you like to shine a subtle purple light tonight? Or maybe a fresh green or a playful orange one? Just add a colourful light bulb and you will have a different lampshade in no time. And if you are not sure what colour to choose, take a smart multi-coloured lightbulb, that lets you pick and instantly change the colour shades of the light.

Our friends from LIFX, a company that produces WiFi enabled LED bulbs, were curious to see what our beautiful white lampshades would look like in a colourful palette. They paired their bulbs to our VITA Conia and VITA Eos and started “playing” with 16 million different colour shades. The result was mesmerizing! And because exciting news need to be shared, we are sharing this Photo Gallery with you, if you need a bit of colour and inspiration for your interior design.

August 14, 2015

Visit VITA at NY Now!

Start spreading the news…
We will soon be a part of it, New York, New York.

VITA will be present at NY NOW, New York City’s largest trade show. Visit us at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, section Accent on Design, booth #3968. We will be there during the entire show, August 15-19, 2015.

NY NOW is the premier market for lifestyle and home décor, and it features innovative designs from all 50 U.S. states and 70+ countries worldwide. The semi-annual, trade-only event will showcase 100,000 products, including exclusive debuts.

Come see us and discover our new products!

July 25, 2015

Meet our Photo Contest judges: Holly Becker, the bright soul of decor8

Ask any interior design aficionado to name one favourite blog, and chances are that they would mention decor8.

Launched in 2006, decor8 has become an award-winning and a must-read blog in the interior design world. The mind and soul behind it? Holly Becker, an American interior designer, blogger, book author and stylist.

With a passion for contemporary design, and a heart beating for Europe, Holly is one of our talented Photo Contest judges. Having a sharp eye for beautiful design, she will select her favourite picture submitted this week.

Do you want to be Holly’s favourite and to win a VITA lamp perfect for your home? Just download our free VITA Unfold at Home app from the App Store, discover how our lamps look in your home and have fun in our Photo Contest! Take a picture of your favourite lamp, either at your house or in a different location – the sky is not a limit - and share it on Facebook or Instagram while necessarily using #VITAUnfoldatHome. Our Photo Contest runs until the end of July, so hurry up!

And whenever you look for some interior design inspiration, heaps of creativity or just a brighter mood, you should follow decor8blog.com.

July 24, 2015

We are now on Twitter!


A little bird told us it’s good to be social.

And since part of our philosophy is to deliver beautiful designs in compact gift boxes, we decided to also start delivering our beautifully crafted news and updates in a compact form – 140 characters to be more precise. Thus, in addition to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest, you can now find VITA on Twitter, by searching for @vita_lighting.

Just follow us! We'll keep you up to date with all our news and offers and you’ll get the latest info on products, events, contests, and articles that are important to you and that will lighten up your mood and enlighten your knowledge. Come by and say hello - it's also a chance for you to interact with us and let us know what you think.

Ready to be our friend on Twitter? All you need to do is to click the “Follow @vita_lighting” button below. If you don't have an account yet, just visit Twitter's website and get one – it’s free, fun, and easy to set up. We are sure you will start tweeting to us in no time. After all, birds of a feather tweet together!

July 16, 2015

Meet our Photo Contest judges: Karine Quinsat from Mademoiselle Déco

© crédit photos: Karine Quinsat, MademoiselleDéco

Qui est Mademoiselle Déco? (Who is Mademoiselle Déco?) Karine Quinsat, known as Mademoiselle Déco, is an interior designer and blogger based in Nantes, France. Since 2006, she has been sharing her passion for lively, creative and colorful décor, and she has been inspiring her readers with ideas and trends for a friendly interior design, with a home feel.

Mademoiselle Déco is our Photo Contest judge for this week. She will select her favorite picture submitted this week by our VITA Unfold at Home app users. Have you sent your submission yet?

Search for VITA Unfold app in the App Store, download it for free on your iPhone or iPad, and take part in our playful Photo Contest. Just take a picture of your favourite lamp and share it on Facebook or Instagram while necessarily using #VITAUnfoldatHome Easy and fun!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to discover other submissions and heaps of inspiration for our Photo Contest. And if you need for some interior design inspiration, don’t forget to follow Karine Quinsat on her blog, Mademoiselle Déco.

July 04, 2015

Meet our judges: Pernille Frederiksen, the inspiring mind behind @Krea_pernille

Pernille Riis Frederiksen, better known as Krea_pernille, is a rising star in interior design. She is one of Denmark's leading stylists in interior design, trend setting, styling and photography. With a unique personal style and décor, Pernille has created her own universe of social media.

Krea_pernille started in 2014 exclusively on Instagram, but soon after, because of her success and great number of followers, she inaugurated her blog, kreapernille.com. Its launch was celebrated by a mega Giveaway, with products from some of Denmark's biggest brands. Our beautiful VITA Eos couldn’t miss it either.

Having a refined eye for inspiring design, Pernille is our first judge for VITA Unfold at Home photo contest. She will select the best picture submitted this week by our Unfold at Home app users. If you haven’t taken part in our competition so far, then hurry up! Download the VITA Unfold at Home app on your iPhone or iPad, take a picture of your favourite lamp, and share it on Facebook or Instagram while necessarily using #VITAUnfoldatHome Each week of July one of our judges will select a happy winner.

And if you look for some interior design inspiration, don’t forget to follow Krea_pernille on Instagram or on her blog.