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How to get more out of your lighting

Let’s admit it—we live in a world that is changing faster than ever before. We make fast changes, take quick decisions, do multiple things at the same time and adapt accordingly. We expect our surroundings to do the same. We change places or homes, we change interior decors and decorations. Multi-functionality has become increasingly valued.

How about having designs that are able to change as quickly as you want them to? With this thought in mind, we have focused on creating stylish and functional designs that can serve multiple purposes. Most of our lampshades are a 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1 lampshades. Take, for example, the iconic VITA Eos lampshade. Made from all natural goose feathers, this exquisite fixture can be used as a ceiling lamp or mounted on a table lamp or floor lamp base.
The versatile nature of VITA Conia, or VITA Carmina means it can be used as a pendant, a floor or table lamp, and it can also be flipped around. Three different ways to re-purpose your lampshade and give your interior design a fresh touch.

The multi-functionality of our designs doesn’t stop at lampshades only. With an ingenious construction, the VITA Tripod Base is an adjustable 2-in-1 tripod. Its elegant and sturdy aluminum legs can be placed either in a ‘low’ or in a ‘high’ position, making it a versatile design for multiple lamps and purposes.