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The brave journey of “The Missing Eos” — VIDEO

March 01, 2017

Every lamp has a story …   Continue Reading →

Something was missing … VITA Eos large light brown

March 01, 2017

Sometimes, things need to be smaller, sometimes bigger. Some other times it is a matter of finding the right size in between. That is why we are introducing the VITA Eos large light brown. It is the newest addition to our VITA Eos light brown family, complementing the medium and extra-large versions. Inspired by the earth tones of the Nordic landscape, the VITA Eos light brown creates an embracing warmth with its subtle seductiveness. A solid color for a feathery lampshade—while the color brings you down to earth, the feathers will lift your senses. Creating a feeling of calmness, this is not only a seductive neutral color but also a practical one. The VITA Eos light brown is the perfect... Continue Reading →

Tell me what you like …and I’ll tell you what lamp you should have in your home

February 01, 2017

Finding a lampshade that fits your home and your personality at the same time can be a challenge sometimes. With a wide array of options comes a wide array of decisions to make. We can save you some time! If you like to dream… There is a bit of a dreamer in all of us, and in some more than others. If you find yourself having your head in the clouds and daydreaming, then our Eos Collection will definitely put you on cloud nine! Made from all natural goose feathers and with a refined elegance, this lampshade provides soft, beautiful light, and it has a unique charm even when not illuminated. Light as a feather, the VITA Eos is perfect for a... Continue Reading →

Tag your Instagram photos with #vitacopenhagen

Tag your Instagram photos with #vitacopenhagen