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Larger – is this what you’ve been waiting for?

July 06, 2016

What would the Egyptian pyramids or the Empire State Building be if they were smaller? How about a bigger Little Mermaid? Sometimes all you need is to find just the right size.  The same applies to interior design. That is why we made it easier to find the perfect size for you, by introducing VITA Eos large light grey and VITA Eos x-large light grey, our newest additions to the VITA Eos family of lampshades. These two new sizes are a complement to the medium version of the VITA Eos light grey, released in May 2016. With a trendy yet timeless color, resembling the calm earth tones of Nordic nature, this lampshade offers a soft, warm light. The VITA Eos... Continue Reading →

Eos light grey – one shade of grey, many shades of beauty

May 04, 2016

Create an exquisite design, add heaps of passion and a dash of sophistication. This is how lamps are made. And dreams too! The new VITA Eos light grey was born from our desire to add a trendy and edgy splash of color to this iconic design. Just like the VITA EOS light brown, it draws its force and beauty from the earth tones of the Nordic landscape. A discreet color palette that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere – this is the quintessence of the VITA EOS family! With a neutral and harmonious color, the VITA Eos light grey lampshade will perfectly suit any minimalist interior design, adding a sophisticated and elegant touch. Either in a modern living room or... Continue Reading →

Let’s take a walk through the peaceful forests…

January 18, 2016

Breathe in the fresh crisp air. Listen to the sound of the wind playing with the leaves. Admire the small, delicate acorns lying at the roots of the majestic oaks. This is a memory you want to keep! It’s simple and picturesque – just like our brand new VITA Acorn, a lamp that will make sure to keep that magical memory close to your heart and in your home. Resembling the delicate nut, and with a classy and exclusive look, the Acorn embodies the interior design trends for 2016, by combining a trendy glass look, raw metallic accents and a soft silicone finish, in a perfect harmony. Adding a unique character to the lamp design, the small VITA Idea exposed... Continue Reading →

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Tag your Instagram photos with #vitalighting